Press Release


Students invitation by MIRAI Program

  1. From December 15th to 22nd, the government of Japan inviting one promising 150 graduate/undergraduate students from Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, including 1 student from Switzerland for MIRAI Program.
  2. This invitation program, called MIRAI (Mutual-understanding, Intellectual Relations and Academic Exchange Initiative: MIRAI means “future” in Japanese) Program is starting this year.
  3. During the stay, the students will visit and meet various responsible people in high-tech and traditional industries, leading companies, scientific and cultural sites; and governmental institutions.
  4. They also visit prestigious University in Tokyo, having lectures on Japanese politics, economy, society, history, culture and/or diplomatic policy from eminent professors followed by discussions with Japanese students.
  5. The program includes homestay in regional towns and cities outside Tokyo.


1) Implementing Organization
AFS Japan (