Japan Video Topics 2010-11 (DVD)

Lakes of Many Colors

The area of Urabandai, on the northern side of Mt. Bandai in Fukushima Prefecture, has over 300 lakes and ponds. By late October, the forests covering the lakesides and mountain slopes begin to change color in a beautiful, many-hued spectacle. The most unique sight is the group of lakes called Goshiki-numa, each lake having its own distinctive color. These mysterious lakes are even more magnificent in autumn, when they reflect the red and gold leaves.



Safe Water from Every Tap

In virtually every home throughout Japan, you can safely drink the water straight from the tap. The water supply technology that ensures this is globally among the best, and the Tokyo water system is renowned for having by far the world's lowest rate of leakage from its pipes. Japan's water supply is made so efficient by a combination of highly advanced water treatment, superior leakage detection techniques and a highly effective management system.



Tsumami Kanzashi Hair Ornaments

Kanzashi are ornaments used by Japanese women to fasten their hair when wearing kimono. First becoming widely popular in the late 17th century, the designs and techniques for making them have since undergone centuries of refinement. The most complex and colorful type, known as tsumami kanzashi, uses tiny folded squares of very thin silk to create flowers and other natural designs portraying Japanese seasonal themes. This beautiful and highly developed craft continues to flourish today.



Karatsu Kunchi Festival

Karatsu Kunchi is the autumn festival of Karatsu Shrine, held annually from November 2nd to 4th in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. At the center of the festival are 14 large gorgeously lacquered and decorated floats. Works of great artistic value, these floats were all hand-crafted between 1819 and 1876. The festival, a thanksgiving for both harvests and business success, features processions snaking through the streets with teams of townspeople heroically hauling their 2-ton floats, sometimes at considerable speed.

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