Japan Video Topics 2014-9 (DVD)

The Islands of Nagasaki

Nagasaki contains more islands than any other Japanese prefecture. Popular excursions include pleasure cruises through the densely clustered Kujukushima Islands; exploring the historic sites of Hirado, where Japan first began trade with Europe; visiting Fukue in the nature paradise of the Goto Islands, where you can also have a hands-on experience on a working fishing vessel; and an ancient traditional festival on Tsushima Island.



Caring Technology

To cope with its rapidly aging society, Japan is developing many unique and innovative technologies to help care-givers. In this video we see a new type of wheelchair able to climb steps and easily cross rough surfaces like gravel, radar sensor technology being used to more accurately and gently monitor the bed-confined, and how the latest IT systems can enhance the provision of medical treatment at home.



Making Tokyo Life Easier

Life can be stressful in Tokyo, the economic heart of Japan. But the people of this giant metropolis have many ways for making each day easier. Among them are a sophisticated IC card system that smooths the daily commute, special cafes with beds for taking a midday nap and others with foot spa cafes to refresh aching legs, and even just the warm human touch you find when shopping in the slower paced, old downtown part of the city.


A Clean and Tidy Life

At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the international media showed Japanese football supporters cleaning rubbish after each match. This Japanese devotion to keeping life clean and tidy may be due to the influence of Zen Buddhism as well as habits instilled from childhood by the schools. Many volunteer to sweep the streets of their community and clean their holiday beaches, and the whole nation follows the custom of house cleaning every December called O-soji. The Japanese firmly believe that clean surroundings lead to a pure heart.


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