Japan Video Topics 2016/2017-2 (DVD)

Tokyo’s First World Cultural Heritage: The National Museum of Western Art

"The National Museum of Western Art" was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2016, becoming the first in Tokyo to receive that honor. The structure was designed by Le Corbusier, a renowned architect of the 20th century. With his “Museum of Unlimited Growth” as the fundamental concept, it was ultimately realized through the work of three Japanese architects. The museum became the basis of modern architecture in Japan and embodied the hope for the country’s post-war revival.


Ukai on the Nagara River: People Living with Nature

The Nagara River is renowned in Japan for its exceptionally clear waters. Carried out there is what’s referred to as "Nagara River Ukai", or cormorant fishing. It is a traditional method of fishing dating back more than a millennium. Fishermen and cormorants live together, building up a relationship of trust. Through this tradition, we discover how people have continued to live with the blessings of nature through the passage of time.


Handwashing to Save the World: Globalizing a Childhood Habit

Washing one’s hands is a practice carried out from childhood in Japan. One reason is because "handwashing" is considered an effective measure to prevent communicable diseases. People from different fields are now working to make “handwashing” more widespread in countries struggling against infectious diseases, applying various ideas and methods, such as songs and dance. Through the Japanese practice of “handwashing”, ideas about hygiene are gradually changing around the world.


Seeding the Future with Robots: Agriculture Goes High-Tech

Agriculture is essential to our lives. In Japan, a growing number of people are leaving the farm, due in part to the shrinking and greying population. One potential solution is cutting-edge robotics technology, which is being adopted in various initiatives now. There are trucks driven autonomously with a high degree of precision aided by satellites, and fully-automatic strawberry harvesting robots. Many people working in the agricultural field overseas are also coming to Japan to learn about these technologies. We introduce the various innovations supporting Japanese agriculture.


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