Japan Life and Nature

(Videoserie, 8 VHS Kassetten, 2000)

Nr. Titel

The Way of Life in Japan: Group Portrait of High School Students (20 min.)

What does the young generation want out of life? In the case of these three high school students, the answer is to become a Shinto priest, a musician and a nurse, respectively.



The Way of Life in Japan: University (20 min.)

University student in Japan enjoy a rather unique way of life. This program shows how by following the daily lives of two typical students, one male and one female.



The Way of Life in Japan: Housewives (20 min.)

What do Japanese housewives do all day? This program presents three diverse answers by focusing on three ladies of different ages and family situations.



The Way of Life in Japan: The Family Life of a Salaryman (20 min.)

"Salarymen", or male white collar workers, are well known for working long and hard during the week. What do two typical salarymen do when the weekend rolls around?



Discovering Japan: Living in the City (14 min.)

A look at life in the modern metropolis of Tokyo, bustling capital of Japan and home to 12 million people. The program features places that are popular among young people.



Four Seasons of the Mogami River (44 min.)

The Mighty Mogami River flows through Yamagata Prefecture in the north-east of the main island of Honshu before it empties into the Sea of Japan. Winters in this region of Japan are long and harsh and summers are short and intense. The natural world is constantly changing as each season arrives and moves on, but for the people who reside along the banks of this river, the way of life is constant and unchanging. This documentary presents one year in the life and work of the people who live by the Mogami River. We spend the winter with Mr. Matsubara who is the only fulltime falconer in Japan, and he shows us how he trains his hawk to hunt and attain a sense of oneness with its master. In the spring, we watch the rivers and montains issue forth new life and encounter sports fishermen who have eagerly awaited the beginning of the clear season on the river. Summer finds us with Mr. Suzuki, a master artisan who dyes cloth by hand using traditional methods and the safflower petals that the Mogami has been famous for over the generations. Safflower dye turns the cloth into a brilliant crimson color. In the fall, we meet older commercial fishermen who continue to fish for the salmon that are once again returning to the river to spawn. Many of the people we meet in this lushly filmed documentary lead relatively simple lives, but they live in harmony with nature's beauty and bounty.



Ozegahara (49 min.)

This program introduces the vast Oze marshland of Japan. In addition to the many Wonders of the marsh and its fauna and flora, there are interviews with people who mounted a campaign to save the marsh from the development.



Ancient Capital Almanac - A Year in Nara and Kyoto (20 min.)

Tokyo is the capital of modern Japan, and reflects this role. Those who are interested in the older, more traditional Japan need look no further than the country's ancient capitals - first Nara, then Kyoto held that distinction for a combined 1 300 years. This program follows the residents of Nara and Kyoto through the tour seasons, against a backdrop of shrines, temples, festivals and traditional ceremonies little changed from ancient times.



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