Event to present Japanese alcoholic beverage Sake “Japanese Sake Tasting” on 17 October

On 17 October, the Japanese Embassy in Bern, in collaboration with the importer and distributor of Japanese Food “Foodex Sarl”, organized an event to present Japanese alcoholic beverage Sake “Japanese Sake Tasting” at the reception hall in the Japanese Embassy in Bern.

Almost thirty professionals such as Hotel Bar Managers, Japanese Restaurant Chefs and Japanese food retailers attended the event. Besides, we welcomed guests from some five-star hotels and Michelin one-star restaurants.

During the event, Foodex’s Sake expert held a lecture about Japanese Sake followed by Sake- tasting. He explained Sake basics such as how to brew sake and listed the categories of sake. In addition, he explained how to serve sake, the best serving temperature, food pairing etc.

During his lecture, guests listened with interest while taking notes. As for the tasting, there were six different sorts of Sake and guests could experience not only the taste but also the color, the texture and the smell of the tasted sake. After the lecture, the reception hall was animated by networking between sake professionals.

Opening speech by Minister IKKATAI  

Welcome speech by representative of Foodex Sarl

Sake lecture

Guests during the lecture

Networking between sake professionals