Aeronautical consultations between Aeronautical Authorities of Japan and the Swiss Confederation

Japan and Switzerland will celebrate the 150 Years Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations in 2014. For this anniversary year, Aeronautical consultations between the Aeronautical Authorities of Japan and Switzerland were held in Bern on 22 and 23 July 2013 to expand the civil aviation relationship between both countries. The details are as follows.

  1. Delegation
    Japan’s Head of Delegation:

    Mr. Taro Kobayashi

    Air Talks Office, Civil Aviation Bureau
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism

    Swiss Head of Delegation:

    Mrs. Laurence Fontana Jungo

    Chief Negotiator Air Services Agreements
    International and Legal Affairs
    Federal Office of Civil Aviation

  2. Principal agreement
    1. Open sky agreement including the airports in Tokyo metropolitan area.
      1. Narita Airport
        The transportation between two countries is liberalized.
      2. Airports other than Tokyo metropolitan area
        In addition to the liberalization of the transportation between two countries, the transportation to points beyond each side (loading cargo and passenger in the partner country and transporting them to third countries) is liberalized.
    2. Liberalization of Code Sharing Arrangement
      Lift the limitation on code-sharing arrangement to make the operation flexible for airline companies of Switzerland and Japan