Minister Fukagawa and Ms. Horigome made a presentation regarding Japanese recovery on the occasion of the International tourism symposium


ITS Foundation held its 13th International Tourism Symposium during 19th to 21th September in Zermatt. Mr. Yasushi Fukagawa, Minister and Ms. Asuka Horigome, second secretary participated "part2: Communication and crisis management". They took the opportunity to express gratitude for the support after the Great East Japan Earthquake and explained the situation of Japanese recovery. There were about 90 participants on 19th September.

In her presentation, Ms. Horigome showed examples of the speedy recovery of Japanese supply chain and infrastructure, restoration of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, etc. It was also showed that the number of tourists from abroad to Japan has a sign of recovery.

During the interview with Chairwoman Ms. Marion STARCK (Managing Director, Starck Public Relations), Minister Fukagawa explained the issues such as latest situation of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and Japanese efforts to ensure food safety. He stated that keeping business with Japan and travelling to Japan would be one of the ways to support Japan.


There were feedbacks from participants such as followings.

  • "I could see the high level of Japanese technology on the picture, that showed the expressway which was restored only in 1 week"
  • "Learning from the presentation there is no big difference of radiation dose between European cities and Tokyo, I understand that radiation dose in Tokyo is no problem"
  • "After the Japanese Embassy explained the number of foreign tourists has been recovering, I have less concerns visiting Japan"
  • "I'm relieved to know that the area totally destroyed by the Tsunami was the only part of Japan and not the whole country."

International tourism symposium



International tourism symposium



International tourism symposium International tourism symposium