Exhibition "Bring Tohoku Kids to Swiss Camps!" Project

9 September 2014 – 11 September 2014
Japan Information and Cultural Center, Engestrasse 43, 3012 Bern
Opening hours: 09.00 – 12.30 / 14.00 – 17.00

Organizer: SwissJoho.com GmbH
The "Bring Tohoku Kids to Swiss Camps!" Project


The “Bring Tohoku Kids to Swiss Camps!” Project's first summer camp took place in July/Augst 2014.

This exhibition displays essays and diaries written by the 11-year-old girl, Riko, from Ishinomaki who joined the summer camp in Arosa. The exhibition also displays photos that Riko brought to show how the earthquake and tsunami devastated her home town.

The exhibition includes essays by the high-school boy invited to join the winter camp in December 2013 and his mother as well as photos of his activity footage.

A half of the exhibition is dedicated to the photographs from the affected areas shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

It has been three years since the devastation; however, there are still so many areas which have not been recovered, and so many people are still in temporary housing. We hope that by displaying the photos people get energy to get themselves engaged in the recovery effort in one way or the other.

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報告展示会 「東北の子どもたちをスイスのキャンプへ!」プロジェクト

, Engestrasse 43, 3012 Bern
開館時間: 9時~12時30分 / 14時~17時00分

主催: スイス情報.com
「東北の子どもたちをスイスのキャンプへ! 」プロジェクト事業部